Custom Made Furniture

At You’re Unique, we pride ourselves on providing beautiful, custom-made furniture to the good people of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We work hard to provide incredible customer service and high-quality products. If you are in the market for custom-made furniture, we can help. Read on to learn more about our services and shop our collection today!


You’re Unique offers quality, custom-made barn doors that will fit your space and give you the look you want. We offer classic barn doors, traditional barn doors, and modern barn doors as well as all the hardware you need to get set up. When you need barn door installation, we are prepared to get the job done right.


Farmhouse tables are timeless and beautiful and will lighten up any space. When you are looking for a gorgeous farmhouse table, you can find quality custom-made ones from You’re Unique. We offer farmhouse tables of all styles as well as the perfect seating for you.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. You’re Unique can provide all sorts of custom-made home builds. Whether you are looking for a media center, coffee table, or anything else, we can make the perfect furniture for you. When you want high-quality custom-made furniture, there’s nowhere better to go. Shop now!


You’re Unique offers custom-made furniture to fit your specific style and taste. Our furniture is always high quality, measured to fit perfectly within your space, handmade, and perfectly customizable. Why have a catalog-bought home when you can make it so uniquely yours? Shop now!