We offer a wide variety of specialty finishes, many that can be combined together to make your furniture or barn door not just unique, but one of a kind!

Chipped and Two Color Chipped

Chipping is a technique we use to make a piece appear to have paint peeling away and/or chipping off in spots. This method can be used over natural wood, stained wood or painted wood. It is best to use a contrasting color when choosing this finish. For example, a light colored paint chipped to reveal a dark color underneath or a dark colored paint chipped to reveal a light color underneath.

Example of a one color or chipped finish of white paint over dark stain shown on the leg of our BB Farmhouse table.

Example of a two color chipped finish, orange over turquoise paint that we used on an end table that we refinished.


A distressed finish is a finish with dents, cracks, splits, gouges and worm holes in the wood. Distressing creates an aged, salvaged, reclaimed look on new wood and it is a favorite technique here in our shop and it is often combined with a rubbed finish. Best used on stained and not painted wood or painted wood that will also be glazed.

Example of a distressed finish used on a pipe coffee table top.

Example of a distressed wood finish using Minwax Golden Oak on our Factory Cart Coffee Table.

Dry brushed

This technique involves lightly brushing paint over bare or stained wood, accentuating the high points to create a soft, feather like effect.

Example of a dry brushed finish. Though the color most often used is white, any color can be used to create this effect.


Rubbed finishes are created by removing the top layer of stain or paint to reveal the finish underneath. In most cases, edges are rubbed through to wood for a natural, time-worn look. Other options include a two color rub whereby the top layer is rubbed through to the colored layer underneath.

Example of a stained finish rubbed through shown on the leg and apron of our Joyce Classic bench. The stain color used is Kona by Rustoleum.

Specialty Finish Samples are available to order at $15 for three. Here is the link to order: