In addition to our specialty finishes, we offer different design options for our table tops. These include plank or seamless, smooth or rough, and top thickness and total width. You may also choose to add breadboards to complete the look that you want.

Plank vs. Seamless and Breadboards vs. No Breadboards

Plank top with breadboards

Seamless top

Note: Our seamless tops are not entirely seamless. Our method involves taking solid pieces of wood and joining them together as tightly as possible to create the illusion of one solid piece. Most of your cheaply manufactured furniture, including some well-known brand names, use veneers or molded plastic to create this look. We do not. Want a solid wood slab? We can do that! Just email or call us.


Our table tops are available in the following thicknesses:

1″ – Standard for our Joyce, Laura, and Jill Tables

1 1/4″- Rough/Un-milled

1 1/2″ – Same as dimensional lumber (Rarely requested)

1 3/4″ – Standard for our Chavers X, Lawton, Rebecca, Galla and Community Table and Island Tops

2″ – Rough/Un-milled

We can also do special milling for an odd thickness size not listed, depending on the lumber type and the project type.

Rough or un-milled table and bench top

The standard width of most of our rectangular tables is 36″ or 40″ depending on the style table; however, we can adjust these to meet your individual needs. Please contact us before ordering if you require a custom width.